Presentation of the program ” Mourafaka “:

 “Mourafaka” is a post-creation support program for newly created cooperatives. It aims to support and strengthen the technical and managerial capacities of 2,000 cooperatives at a rate of 500 per year over four tranches by providing them with a complete program of training, support and financing services.

This program was the subject of an agreement signed between the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and the Social and Solidarity Economy, the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Office of Cooperation Development  (ODCO) on May 11, 2011.

The program takes into account multiple considerations, namely: innovation, the territorial approach, the gender approach, convergence between the different national programs and the environmental dimension.

“Mourafaka” program offers:

The “Mourafaka” program is structured around the following axes:

1. Strategic diagnosis:

This step aims to determine training needs, technical support, and production and marketing requirements for products and services, while developing specific development plans for each cooperative.

2. Group training:

his action involves enhancing the managerial and commercial capabilities of the managers of beneficiary cooperatives through group training sessions at various regions of the Kingdom. These training sessions primarily focus on governance (legal aspects, accounting, resource management), communication and group animation techniques (preparation for general meetings, dispute resolution), and marketing and commercial promotion techniques.

3. Individual support:

This involves close monitoring of cooperatives, including 12 sessions over a period of 2 years, to implement their development plan. This personalized support is part of a continuous improvement approach, encompassing the professionalization of cooperative management and the provision of tailored advice to technical needs, covering procurement, production, and marketing. Its objective is to ensure the autonomous and sustainable operation of these cooperatives.

Eligibility conditions for the “Mourafaka” program:

The “Mourafaka” program is dedicated to newly created cooperatives with less than 4 years of legal existence and at least one year of activity.

These cooperatives must carry out economically profitable and socially responsible projects, meeting collective needs, creating employment and wealth, and without negative impacts on the environment.

The selection is based on cooperatives carrying projects which:

– Have positive impacts on the community;

– Promote local and potential resources;

– Are part of the development of a promising sector;

– Are created by young graduates and/or women;

– Benefit from funding granted within the framework of national programs;

– Carried by cooperatives in a legal situation.

History and progress of the “MOURAFAKA” program: 

Key Dates

The program was launched on June 13, 2011, and since then, several advancements have been recorded:

– Completion of the strategic diagnosis for the first phase in 2011, covering 438 cooperatives.

– Signing of a common law contract with the Office of Vocational Training and Labor Promotion (OFPPT) of the northwest region for the group training of cooperatives in the first phase.

– Signing of an amendment to the “Mourafaka” program agreement in 2015, making changes to the duration, certain conditions, and terminology, with the aim of ensuring the success of the program, including the introduction of individual coaching.

Progress Report:

  1. First phase (438 cooperatives): fully completed (strategic diagnosis, group training, and individual coaching for 438 cooperatives).
  2. Second phase (478 cooperatives): fully completed (strategic diagnosis, group training, and individual coaching for 478 cooperatives).
  3. Third phase (474 cooperatives): partially completed (strategic diagnosis, group training, and individual coaching).

4th phase of the “Mourafaka” program:

The execution of the 4th phase of the said program is displayed within the framework of an agreement between the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and the Social and Solidarity Economy, the Office of Cooperation Development , the OCP foundation and the Mohamed 6 Polytechnic University of Benguerir.

This partnership aims to provide the services of the “Mourafaka” program for the benefit of 600 cooperatives, of which 80 cooperative projects with high potential will be financed.