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Why a Cooperative ?

Starting, joining, or working in a cooperative...

A vocation that goes beyond profit.

Social Enterprise

Cooperative entrepreneurship is based on international cooperative principles and fundamental values such as justice, economic democracy, and solidarity. It reduces inequalities, creates jobs, strengthens local communities, and promotes sustainable development.

Principles of cooperation
Resilient entreprise

Cooperatives have shown great resilience during economic crises, which is explained by the fact that members tend to be more willing to work together to overcome difficulties. This makes them able to adapt to economic and environmental challenges.

Entreprise résistante aux crises
Fair Trade entreprise

The profits of a cooperative are distributed equitably among members, usually based on their participation or use of the cooperative's services, which reduces economic inequality.

Entreprise équitable
Sustainable entreprise

Cooperatives often have a long-term perspective, which pushes them to adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. They have less pressure to maximize short-term profits at the expense of sustainability.

Entreprise équitable
Flexible entreprise

Cooperatives exist in a variety of sectors, from agriculture and information technology to health and education. They can adapt to a variety of needs and offer a variety of services.

Entreprise flexible

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