The Cooperation Development Office was first established in 1962 as the Cooperation Development Bureau (BDCO), an administrative entity dependent on the Presidency of the Government Council, to initiate the cooperative sector and respond to the upward trend in cooperation, especially at the territorial level.

In 1975, the BDCo was restructured and established as the Cooperation Development Office (ODCO) by Dahir No. 1-73-654 of 11 Rabii II 1395 (April 23, 1975), a public establishment enjoying financial and administrative autonomy.
Currently placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and the Social and Solidarity Economy with the aim of promoting a general policy of the cooperative sector through support mechanisms in the areas of training, information and legal assistance.
The Office’s missions are:
• Maintaining the central register of cooperatives;
• Approval of naming certificates for cooperatives and their unions;
• Support for cooperatives and their unions in the areas of training, information and legal assistance;
• The popularization of cooperative principles through awareness campaigns and training of cooperators;
• Verification of compliance of the management of cooperatives and their unions with the provisions of Law No. 112-12;
• The proposal and examination of any reform likely to promote the cooperative sector;
• The implementation, in partnership with sectoral institutional contributors, of any program and initiative dedicated to cooperatives.
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Our values serve as our daily compass, guiding us in the pursuit of our ambitions and the execution of our strategic objectives. They synergistically unite us, enabling the Office Of Cooperation Development to actively contribute to the advancement of the cooperative sector.


The Office of Cooperation Development is governed by a Board of Directors and managed by a General Director.

The Board of Directors, chaired by her Excellency Fatim-Zahra AMMOR, the Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts, and Social and Solidarity Economy, or her representative, is composed of the following members:

Any qualified person may join the Board of Directors.


organigramme office du developpement de la coopération

Human Capital

Over the 61 years of experience as a development actor in the cooperative sector, the Office of Cooperation Development has cultivated a wealth of human capital expertise in the field. Mastery of regulations stands as its primary asset in ensuring legal support for cooperatives throughout the entire creation process. Once established, cooperatives receive close attention from the Office through the Central Directorate and Regional Delegations, benefiting from tailored and closely monitored guidance that addresses their unique characteristics and specificities. The Office implements a range of awareness-raise measures, information, and training initiatives to support cooperatives in this regard.

Furthermore, the Office places the enhancement of its staff’s skills at the core of its vision to successfully execute projects and efficiently fulfill its missions.

The ODCO team comprises 117 members, with 59 situated at the Central Directorate in Rabat and 58 spread across the regions within the 15 delegations of the Office.

(555) 989 - 4588


More than 52% of employees have at least 30 years of experience within the Office and were able to contribute to all the changes that the sector experienced until the advent of Law 112-12. They continue, thanks to their expertise, to make permanent improvements to promote the sector and provide a favorable framework for the development of cooperatives.

Likewise, 22% of employees are aged between 25 and 40 years old. However, the Office, over the last three years, has recruited new graduates to infuse fresh perspectives within the organization and achieve a balance between expertise and innovation.

Age pyramid

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The cooperative sector has seen a rise in the presence of women. The same trend is observed within the Office, where the proportion of female employees stands at 39%, actively engaged at both the Central Directorate and in the field to reach a broader population.
Also, the Office adopts a gender approach to strengthen the role of women by fully recognizing that our women alongside our men constitute our most precious resources to ensure better performance.


(555) 989 - 4588


Our employees, with diverse backgrounds (engineers, lawyers, economists, statisticians, marketers, etc.), come from the best national and international training institutions. Possessing professional experiences both within and outside the Office, they are committed to fulfilling its missions and realizing the sector's ambitions.
Furthermore, the Office is increasingly focused on recruiting new talent with specialized expertise related to the social and solidarity economy sector. This strategic approach aims to infuse a fresh dynamic, allowing for a comprehensive shaping of the sector's 360° vision and policies.




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  • odco@odco.gov.ma