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Cooperative principles

Free and voluntary membership

Any individual can join a cooperative in compliance with the statutory and legal conditions. Each cooperator, regardless of the number of shares held, has equal rights in the management, with one vote at general meetings.

Adhésion volontaire
Democratic power exercised by members

This principle relates to the democratic governance of cooperatives. It ensures that decisions within the cooperative are made in a democratic manner, giving each member a fair voice. This principle promotes the active participation of all members in the decision-making process, thus enhancing transparency and accountability within the cooperative.

Pouvoir démocratique
Economic participation of members

By law, the cooperative's excess revenues over its operating expenses must be distributed equitably among the cooperators based on their dealings with the cooperative or the value of their work performed. This provision is intended to ensure a fair distribution of profits among members.

Participation économique des membres
Autonomy and independence

Capital is generally not remunerated, and in the case of remuneration, the maximum interest rate is set in accordance with the conditions set out in Article 31 of Law 112-12. This ensures the financial stability of cooperatives while preserving their independence.

Autonomie et indépendance
Education, training and information

In order to promote active and informed participation within the cooperative, this principle emphasizes the importance of facilitating access to education and training for members, thus strengthening their necessary skills and knowledge.

Eduction formation et information
Cooperation between cooperatives

Encouraging fruitful collaboration between cooperatives with similar objectives, this principle facilitates the development of relationships in the economic, social, and educational fields, at the national and international levels.

Coopération entre les coopératives
Commitment to the community

Emphasizing a strong commitment to society, this principle encourages cooperatives to contribute positively through beneficial actions or projects, thus strengthening their social role and responsibility to the community.

Engagement envers la communauté