The regional delegation of the Office of Cooperation Development in Kenitra operates in the provinces of Kenitra, Sidi Slimane, and Sidi Kacem. As of December 31, 2022, these three provinces had a total of 1 572 cooperatives, comprising 19 204 members and having an invested capital amounting to 344 155 329.00 Moroccan Dirhams (DH).

The agricultural sector predominates, accounting for 72%, followed by the forestry sector at 10%, while the traditional industrial sector represents 9%. Other sectors collectively make up the remaining 9%.

In terms of geographical distribution, the province of Kenitra has 38% of the cooperatives, closely followed by the province of Sidi Kacem with 32%, and finally, the province of Sidi Slimane with 31%. This distribution reflects the diversity and vitality of the cooperative network in the Kenitra region.


Training Session PRO-AGRO

In order to enhance the management skills of cooperatives, promote good governance, and empower human resources within these cooperatives, agricultural cooperative leaders participated in a two-day intensive training session on September 19th and 20th, 2023. This training, organized under the Pro-Agro program led by the International Labour Organization (ILO), was delivered by the regional delegation’s staff.

Over the course of these two days, the participants were guided through two fundamental themes. The first theme focused on building a strong foundational group and clarifying fundamental concepts related to the creation of a cooperative enterprise. Crucial aspects such as effective collaboration, internal communication, and the definition of clear objectives were addressed.

The second theme covered in this training session was organizational structure definition. Cooperative managers had the opportunity to understand different organizational structures, explore effective management models, and learn how to adapt these methods to their own cooperatives.

Thanks to this training, the cooperatives have been equipped to operate more effectively, thereby fostering their growth, economic viability, and positive contribution to the development of their community.

Dar Al Mokawil Training

As part of the agreement established between the Office of Cooperation Development (ODCO) and Attijari Wafa Bank – Dar Al Mokawil, a training program was implemented at the Dar Al Mokawil Center in Kenitra. This training benefited 31 cooperative managers operating in various sectors.

The training was structured into five distinct modules, namely:

1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship: During this module, participants were introduced to the fundamental principles of entrepreneurship, covering basic concepts related to business creation and management.

2. Business Model and Market Research: This module focused on building strong economic models and conducting market research to understand customer needs and expectations.

3. Business Plan and Business Establishment: Participants learned how to develop robust business plans, a crucial element for the launch and development of any enterprise, including cooperatives.

4. Marketing and Sales Approach: This module covered effective marketing strategies and sales approaches to promote cooperative products or services in the market.

5. Financial Management: The final module focused on financial management, covering topics such as accounting, budgeting, and financial resource management to ensure financial stability and growth for the cooperatives.

This collaboration between ODCO and Dar Al Mokawil has provided cooperative managers with practical skills and strategic knowledge, strengthening their capacity to effectively manage their cooperatives and contribute to local economic development.


Partnership Agreement between ODCO and Ibn-Tofail University of Kenitra

The present agreement aims to achieve the following objectives:

– Coordinate initiatives and actions aimed at promoting education and scientific research in the field of social and solidarity economy in general, and specifically in the cooperative sector.

– Propose topics for doctoral theses, master’s theses, articles, and research projects related to social and solidarity economy, as well as the cooperative sector in Morocco.

– Facilitate researchers’ access to available documentary resources, such as journals and statistics.

– Provide researchers with the opportunity to undertake internships within ODCO and its regional delegations, as well as within cooperatives.

– Encourage the integration of subjects related to the social and solidarity economy sector, as well as cooperative legislation, into university programs.

– Promote the integration of research themes related to the social and solidarity economy sector and cooperative entrepreneurship within the research laboratories of higher education institutions, especially within universities.

– Encourage the delegation’s participation in various academic events such as seminars, conferences, workshops, and scientific days.

Partnership Agreement with the Provincial Committee for Human Development of Sidi Kacem Province

This agreement has the following objectives:

– Define the modalities for cooperation and partnership to promote self-employment among young people through the creation of income-generating projects/activities and support for cooperatives operating in the field of social and solidarity economy.

– Raise awareness and provide training for cooperative project initiators.

– Provide pre and post-creation support for cooperatives and follow the establishment procedures.

– Grant ODCO staff and consultants access to the facilities and logistical resources of the youth platform during training and awareness sessions for cooperatives.

– Ensure post-creation monitoring of projects receiving support from the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH).

– Enhance the participation in the activities and initiatives of the youth platform and support project initiators and cooperatives benefiting from the support of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) in the province of Sidi Kacem.

Successful cooperative models

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"Al Maymana" Artisan Sewing and Embroidery Cooperative

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The women's cooperative "Al Maymana", established in Sidi Kacem in 2012, has seven (07) women members. Its field of activity is focused on the realization of work related to sewing and embroidery.
Since its creation, the cooperative has been committed to the delicate art of sewing and embroidery, showcasing the unique craftsmanship of its members. These seven women combine their skills to offer high-quality services, ranging from the design of bespoke garments to the realization of fine and elegant embroidered pieces.
In addition to its commitment to traditional crafts, the "Al Maymana" cooperative also plays a vital social role in providing economic opportunities for women in the local community. By promoting financial autonomy and encouraging skills development, the cooperative actively contributes to the empowerment of women in the Sidi Kacem region.
Through its unique creations and its positive impact on women, "Al Maymana" cooperative stands out as a pillar of local crafts, reflecting the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the region. Through the cooperative's commitment to excellence and empowerment, it embodies the values of the community and inspires a bright future for women's handicrafts in Sidi Kacem.

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The Feminin Cooperative "BIOLIVE"

The women's cooperative "BIOLIVE" was created in Kenitra in 2020 by five (05) women who work in the production, distribution and export sectors of cosmetic products.
The infrastructure of the cooperative includes a production unit and a laboratory headed by Dr. Hafsa Annab, a qualified chemist.
The cooperative holds licenses issued by the Ministry of Health, authorizing the production, distribution and export of cosmetic products. It is thus positioned in compliance with the standards and regulations in force.
In addition to its business activities, the cooperative engages in educational initiatives by organizing specialized trainings for the benefit of other cooperatives. These trainings take place in the provinces of Kenitra, Sidi Slimane and Sidi Kacem, covering themes such as soap and cosmetics manufacturing.
The "BIOLIVE" cooperative stands out for its commitment to quality, regulatory compliance and knowledge sharing within the cooperative community.

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