The cooperative sector of the territory covered by the Fez delegation, encompassing the provinces of Sefrou, Boulemane, Moulay Yaacoub, and the prefecture of Fez, is mainly made up of agricultural and artisanal cooperatives. These cooperatives bring together members engaged in a common effort to achieve shared economic, social and environmental objectives.

The particularity of this region lies in its economic and social variety. It is home to a wide range of cooperatives operating in different sectors such as agriculture, handicrafts, tourism, and many others. Each of the provinces has unique characteristics and specific know-how, which contributes to the richness and diversity of cooperatives in the region.

The Office of Cooperation Development (ODCO) delegation is committed to promoting and supporting these cooperatives by offering them support, training and financing services. The objective is to strengthen their competitiveness, their sustainability and their economic and social impact. Cooperatives play an essential role in preserving cultural heritage and creating sustainable jobs for local populations.


Solidarity and commitment awareness day

The 1st of July 2023 event featured a series of activities designed to promote youth engagement in collective actions, while fostering interaction, collaboration and the development of cooperation and teamwork skills among the participants.

During the event, experts from the cooperative sector held educational lectures, providing young participants with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the benefits and opportunities offered by this field. The speakers shared their experience and expertise, addressing topics relating to the management of collective projects.

In addition, practical workshops were offered to allow young people to develop specific skills related to cooperatives. These workshops covered areas such as collective project management, problem solving and strengthening entrepreneurial skills.

The main objective of this day was to raise awareness among young people in Fez on the importance of solidarity and commitment in the cooperative sector. In doing so, they acquired practical knowledge and skills that will help them contribute to the economic and social development of their community.




The Madaëf Eco 6 program is specially designed for awareness, assistance and selection of cooperatives, with the main objective of promoting the economic development of these companies by offering concrete support to members.

The event began with an awareness campaign looking to enlighten potential entrepreneurs on the advantages and opportunities offered by cooperatives. Information sessions are held to explain cooperative principles, the various forms of cooperatives and the sectors of activity in which they can engage. This awareness-raising aimed to stimulate individuals’ interest in cooperation as a viable alternative to develop their economic activities.

In addition to raising awareness, Madaëf Eco 6 offered assistance to entrepreneurs who expressed an interest in creating or managing cooperatives. ODCO experts were available to provide personalized advice, answer questions and support participants in establishing strong and sustainable cooperatives. This assistance included mentoring sessions, practical workshops and the provision of informative resources to support entrepreneurs in all stages of their cooperative project.

Successful cooperative models

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RIHAM is an example of a cooperative that has managed to stand out and gain recognition for its quality products and commitment to sustainable practices. This cooperative was able to position itself on the market by offering high quality natural products, which allowed it to gain the trust of consumers and differentiate itself from the competition. Members have managed to create a strong and transparent production chain, ensuring that their products meet high standards in terms of quality and purity. The use of natural ingredients and the implementation of environmentally friendly production methods have contributed to the positive reputation of the cooperative.
In addition, RIHAM has been able to exploit the advantages of the cooperative sector by encouraging the active participation of its members and promoting a collaborative work climate. This cooperative approach has allowed RIHAM to create a strong sense of belonging among its members, and to mobilize their expertise and commitment for the success of the company.

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For the serious traveller, Traveller Magazine is a mine of information, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends in travel and tourism.

MAHI COOP is a beekeeping cooperative located in DOUAR OULED MHAMED, in the commune of AIN CHKEF - MOULAY YAACOUB. This cooperative specializes in the production of honey and hive-derived products.
MAHI COOP has managed to position itself as a key player in the region's beekeeping industry thanks to its commitment to quality, sustainability and compliance with production standards. The members of the cooperative are experienced and passionate beekeepers who work closely together to ensure the health and well-being of the bees, as well as the exceptional quality of their products.
The MAHI COOP cooperative places great importance on preserving the environment and the sustainability of its beekeeping practices. It ensures that bees are raised in healthy and natural conditions, avoiding the use of harmful pesticides and promoting beekeeping methods that respect the ecosystem.
In addition to producing high-quality honey, MAHI COOP also offers a range of hive-derived products such as propolis, royal jelly and beeswax. These products are manufactured with care and are appreciated for their health-promoting properties.

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Dar Al Fononne

For the serious traveller, Traveller Magazine is a mine of information, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends in travel and tourism.

The DAR AL FONONNE cooperative specializes in the artisanal sector of art and decoration, with a branch of activity focused on brassware. DAR AL FONONNE brings together talented artisans who are passionate about their profession. These members master traditional copper working techniques, such as hammering, embossing and carving, to bring unique and authentic pieces to life.
The cooperative's activity includes the creation of copper art and decorative objects, such as trays, vases, lamps, bowls, jewelry and much more. Each piece is handmade with great attention to detail, reflecting high-quality craftsmanship.
DAR AL FONONNE is also committed to promoting local artisanal traditions and preserving cultural heritage. The cooperative's artisans use techniques passed down from generation to generation, thus perpetuating ancestral know-how and preserving the authenticity of the works produced.

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