Over the past decade, the cooperative sector in the region has seen exponential growth in the number of cooperatives and their membership, covering a wide range of activities.  The agricultural sector accounts for the lion’s share, with 62% of cooperatives in the region by the end of 2022.

The cooperatives supply products that are renowned nationally and even internationally:  Argan and cedar-based handicrafts from the province of Essaouira, olive oil from the province of Kelaat sraghna, cumin and couscous from the province of Rhamna, aromatic and medicinal plants, nuts and apples from the province of Alhaouz, honey and “Sbaaia” carpets from the province of Chichaoua and various handicrafts from the prefecture of Marrakech.

The sector is currently witnessing the emergence of new branches of activity such as green tourism, e-commerce and organic farming.


The delegation's contribution to the first edition of the "Motatawi3" program

Motatawi3 is a program that combines training and volunteering, offering young participants the opportunity to select a field of interest and undergo a specialized week of training. Subsequently, they dedicate two weeks to volunteering in the community.

The program’s primary objective is to instill a sense of civic responsibility in young individuals and actively engage them in their society.

To implement this national volunteer initiative, the  Marrakech delegation of the Office of Cooperation Development (ODCO), in collaboration with provincial youth directorates, conducted workshops to assign candidates to various cooperatives participating in the program.

Launched on Monday, July 24, 2023, this program prompted the regional delegation to encourage cooperatives to welcome young volunteers, particularly those opting to embark on their inaugural volunteering experience in the realm of social entrepreneurship.

Visit to the Tamo Coop women's cooperative in the province of ElHaouz Province of Elhaouz

As a component of the “Task Force Souveraineté” initiative launched by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the regional representatives for industry and trade in Marrakech, along with the regional delegates from the Office of Cooperation Development, conducted a visit to the “Coop Tamo” cooperative situated in Ait Ourir. This cooperative specializes in the production of natural cosmetics. The purpose of the visit was to evaluate the competitiveness of the cooperative and explore its potential for further development.

Cooperative Movement Information Day in Kelaat Sraghna Province

The “Annissae Alhadgat” women’s cooperative, in partnership with the delegation of the Office of Cooperation Development (ODCO) in Marrakech, organized an information day on the theme “Cooperatives: Constraints, challenges and prospects” at the headquarters of the “Maison des Associations” in Kelaat Sraghna. The event was moderated by ODCO’s regional delegate in Marrakech.

The meeting was an opportunity to present Law n°112-12 on cooperatives, which provides cooperatives with a legal framework enabling them to achieve their objectives, increase their profitability, foster their transition to competent and competitive cooperative enterprises, and make cooperatives a tool for creating employment opportunities and adding value.

With this in mind, the debate focused on:

– A precise definition of the concept of ‘cooperative’;

– The governance of cooperatives;

– Improving management methods to ensure efficiency;

– Defining the responsibilities of managers;

– Issues related to the financing of cooperatives;

– Challenges in marketing cooperative products;

– Cooperation among cooperatives.

Participants expressed their appreciation for the content of all the speeches. They called for support for initiatives focused on raising awareness on the cooperative sector. This support would involve the ongoing organization of information and study days that include all stakeholders in the sector.


"Launch of Training Sessions for Cooperatives in Marrakech-Safi Region – 'Mourafaka' 4th Phase"

As part of the Mourafaka program, ODCO’s regional delegation in Marrakech took part in the launch of the first training session for cooperatives in the Marrakech-Safi region, held at the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University – Benguerir Campus.

This training will offer cooperatives an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills, in order to strengthen their activities and foster their development. The main aim is to empower cooperatives by providing them with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing economic environment.

72 cooperatives in the Marrakech Safi region have been selected to benefit from the 4th phase of the program.

As a reminder, the “Mourafaka” program aims to support and accompany newly-created cooperatives whose legal presence does not exceed four (4) years, and is based on three axes: strategic diagnosis of beneficiary cooperatives to prepare their development plans, then training of cooperative managers in technical areas, governance, management and marketing, and finally individual accompaniment of cooperatives for a period of two years to achieve their plans.

Signing a partnership agreement between the municipal council of Marrakech and the delegation of the Office of Cooperation development in Marrakech

In Marrakech, a partnership agreement focusing on capacity building for cooperatives was formally executed. The agreement was signed by the President of the Municipal Council of Marrakech and the Delegate of the Office of Cooperation Development in Marrakech, and endorsed by the Wali of the Marrakech-Safi Region.

This agreement underscores the shared commitment of the local council and the Office of Cooperation Development to synergize their efforts in enhancing the capacities of cooperatives. The objective is to offer comprehensive support and fortify the role and activities of cooperatives within the municipality of Marrakech.

The primary goal of this agreement is to strengthen the collaboration between the two entities, ensuring the advancement of cooperative projects. It encompasses financial support for selected cooperatives identified through a call for projects, along with dedicated sessions providing assistance and support.

Successful cooperative models

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"Al Alfia Atalita" cooperative ... The taste of couscous

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The "Al Alfia Atalita" women's cooperative, specializing in the production and development of couscous (Dar Couscous), was established in 2008 through a two-million-dirham investment. This funding came from the Plan Maroc Vert, contributing 1.2 million dirhams, along with support from various partners including the German Embassy in Morocco, the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, National Human Development Initiative (INDH), National Assistance, the commune of Bourous, the National Federation of Moroccan Mills, and the NGO "Étoile France" providing 0.8 million dirhams.

This innovative project aims to manufacture couscous using a variety of local products such as cereals, rice, Ilan, cotton, dried fruit, and oil seeds. Additionally, the cooperative focuses on producing gluten-free products like quinoa. The objective is to leverage local resources and the expertise of village women to enhance both the quality of the products and the economic prospects of the community.
The cooperative presently consists of approximately thirty members and has played a pivotal role in empowering girls and rural women facing challenging circumstances. This has led to a notable enhancement in their incomes.
The cooperative takes part in numerous local, regional, national and international exhibitions to explore potential markets, adding that the cooperative's products are sold in major supermarkets.

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"Kokiaj Mogador" cooperative... a special touch in cheese-making

For the serious traveller, Traveller Magazine is a mine of information, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends in travel and tourism.

The "Kokiaj Mogador" Cooperative, established in 2018 by seven members with the support of INDH (National Initiative for Human Development ) and the DPA (Provincial Direction of Agriculture) of Essaouira, has thrived under the ongoing guidance of the Near East Foundation. This guidance has ensured that cooperative members receive comprehensive training in cheese-making techniques.

Presently, adhering to safety conditions mandated by ONSSA (National Office of Food Safety) , the cooperative proudly manufactures two categories of dairy products under its "Mogalait" brand. The first category comprises prepared products featuring tasty and original recipes, all rooted in the preservation of a traditional touch. The second category involves innovative products crafted using local ingredients from the province of Essaouira, giving them a distinct and special flavor.

At the core of the cooperative's operations is the art of cheese design, demanding technical expertise, profound cheese-making knowledge, and adherence to high standards of quality and safety. The cooperative stands committed to delivering high-quality products with a unique touch, all at affordable prices.

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