ODCO’s Administration Board Meeting : Engaged towards the SSE
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  • December 26, 2023
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ODCO’s Administration Board Meeting : Engaged towards the SSE

ODCO's Administration Board Meeting 2023: Engaged towards the Social and Solidarity Economy

The Administration’s Board of Directors of the Office of Cooperation Development (ODCO), chaired by Mrs. Fatim-Zahra Ammor, Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts, and Social and Solidarity Economy, highlighted the crucial role of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in socio-economic development. 

The focus was on a strategy aimed at contributing up to 8% of the PIB and creating 50,000 annual jobs by 2035, in line with the objectives of the New Development Model.


The Minister emphasized the ongoing importance of cooperative development in the Social and Solidarity Economy sector, announcing the creation of 6200 new cooperatives in 2022, bringing their total number to 53,800. Special efforts will be made to support youth and women’s cooperatives, with massive investments planned in training, marketing, innovation, and digitization.

Mrs. Aicha ERRIFAAI, General Director of the ODCCO, presented a summary of the office’s achievements in 2023, highlighting support initiatives such as the “Mourafaka” program. She also mentioned an emergency plan for cooperatives affected by the Al Haouz earthquake, entrusted to the ODCO. For the year 2024, she plans to strengthen support and guidance for cooperatives, emphasizing the continuity of efforts in this regard.

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